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Professional Products

Our Professional Products (or Gybe Boxes) are designs that we have developed for our own product catalogue and will be available to purchase in small volumes, on short lead-times and at what we believe are competitive prices - representing excellent value for money.

Please click on the appropriate product link for further details of each product.

Inspired by time spent helping at a local theatre, these are products that were developed for their specific needs and are offered here as standard products - just in case other theatres or theatre groups might also find them useful.

> DMX Buffer+Merge+Loop Controller (19 inch) *
> DMX Test Handset *
> ACN Test Handset *
> DMX Controlled Mains Relay (with buffered DMX) *

4 products in this category.


> Work In Progress *

1 products in this category.

Other stuff - primarily designed because of a professional necessity that wasn't immediately (and cost effectively) satisfied by stuff available elsewhere on the web.

> Cable Rework Boxes *

1 products in this category.

Price List download here* Future Product

Please use the Contact Us form for further information, product availability or to discuss your own product requirement.

[Pictured Product - DMX-Test Handset]
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Professional Products
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