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Gybe Systems' personnel boast over 25 years of product development in telecommunications equipment and in alarm gathering and status monitoring systems. More recently this has expanded into the theatrical sound and lighting environment from where our originating line-up of Gybe Boxes originates.

Why "Gybe"? Well, in sailing parlance (sailing being one of our hobbies), a gybe is an alteration of direction when heading downwind involving flicking the sails from one side of the boat to the other (similar to tacking which is the equivalent movement when heading upwind). Tactically speaking, tacking and gybing in response to subtle changes in the wind direction or desired heading is likely to result in the sailor reaching their goal more quickly, more efficiently and in front of their competitors. In our commercial interpretation of this action, Gybe Systems signifies a modified business approach for its personnel - not a dramatic change in direction but a subtle adjustment to the controls aimed at keeping in front, keeping in control and enjoying the ride.

"I can't change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination." - James Dean.

Now, perhaps, the logo makes more sense!

Tim Royall CEng MIET

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01/2013 - launched - a site dedicated to our photography interests.

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