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Gybe Systems is a small electronics hardware/software/product design resource with the ability to provide consultation and full or partial design services across a variety of electronic engineering and related product disciplines. We are proud to operate in an approachable but professional manner so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Electronics design [Circuits | PCBs | Software]
Professional Services cover a complete product or system design service, encompassing product definition, circuit design, PCB design, build and test, firmware, programmable logic, GUI, documentation and approvals exercises. In addition, we can arrange production of small/medium quantities of finished design.

Professional Products (or Gybe Boxes) are designs that we have developed for our own product catalogue and are readily available to purchase on short lead-times and at competitive prices.

Our other non-professional interests cover a range of activities, some of which are captured and presented on our dedicated Gybe Photos website.

Please use the Contact Us form for further information.

Gybe News by Gybe Systems
01/2013 - launched - a site dedicated to our photography interests.

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Professional Services
Gybe Designs by Gybe Systems
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Professional Products
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Gybe Photos by Gybe Systems
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